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The alternate admission option requires the successful completion of 30 undergraduate credits as listed below. (If students have previously completed courses at the undergraduate level with a minimum grade of B+ in a course, course equivalencies will be assessed, and students will be advised as to the courses that are required for this option.)

Term 1 Fall Term 2 Winter Term 3 Summer
NURS 3010* 3.0 Nature of Nursing Knowledge
NURS 3515 3.0 Research and Inquiry
Non-nursing elective
PSYC 2021 3.0 Statistical Methods I*
NURS 4546* 3.0 Global Context of Nursing
NURS 4525 6.0 Community as Partner
NURS elective 3.0
NURS elective 3.0
Non-nursing elective

* or equivalent

More information about courses can be found at the York Courses website.

After completion of 30 undergraduate credits, students will:

  • Provide analysis of multiple ways of knowing in decision making and problem solving, in partnership with clients;
  • Demonstrate basic critical and reflective thinking;
  • Understand concepts of lifelong learning;
  • Participate in collaborative relationships in nursing, with the community and the interdisciplinary team;
  • Identify personal leadership goals in nursing practice;
  • Advocate for healthy organizational and public policy that promotes the health of individuals, families, groups and communities;
  • Understand mechanisms that advance the nursing profession through excellence in practice, education and research; and,
  • Understand global consciousness, both personally and professionally, that supports and promotes human and planetary health.

Upon successful completion of the 30 required undergraduate credits, students will be eligible to continue into the established MScN program. A cumulative grade of B+ or higher is recognized as an indicator of excellent potential in the MScN program.

The program requirements for the MScN can be found at the Graduate Program in Nursing MScN website.

Updated on August 20th, 2014.