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Name Supervisor Thesis / Major Research Project Title
Alfaro, Leonardo Deborah Tregunno An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure:Preventing Pressure Ulcer in Patients in the Emergency Department through the Lens of Complexity Theory
Armellin, Jacqueline Deborah Tregunno Internationally Educated Nurses: from Expert to Novice? A Jurisdictional Review
Baoateng, Gladys Mina Singh Health Promotion Model for Frail Older Community-Dwellers
Bassan, Paula Janet Jeffrey Current State of Palliative Care Using Telehomecare in Canada
Bradley, Patricia Patricia Bradley The Visual Representation of Sexual Assault on Canadian Internet Sites
Brideau, Marion Beryl Pilkington Using Parse-Vision To Illuminate The Lived Experiences Of Teachers And Learners
Butler, Kelly Janet Jeffrey The Effect of Self-Management Education on Empowerment and Quality of Life for Adults who Have Diabetes: Review of the Literature
Cameron, Jennifer Deborah Tregunno Rekindling Caring Behaviours in Emergency Nursing
Carvalho, Manuela Maria Gail Mitchell Creating a senior friendly hospital
Catlin, Bonnie Beryl Pilkington What is the Lived Experience of Hope in a Newly Diagnosed Heart Failure Patient?
Cho, Patsy Janet Jeffrey A Proposed Best Practice Patient-Centered Model for Nursing Assessment and Management of Cardiac Telemetry Patients
Cholette, Meghan Alix McGregor Through the eyes of a father: a perinatal loss
Comiskey, Mary Jane Janet Jeffrey Online Education In Nursing Programs
Coulis, Nancy Gail Mitchell Has the Essential Nursing Paradigm Shift Begun?
Crowder-Bansen, Victoria Nancy Johnston The Big Hurt, the Bigger Hope Confronting Nurses' Suffering: A Literature Review
D'costa-Box, Fiona M. Gail M. Lindsay Empowerment: what does this concept mean to the Praxis of a Nurse Teacher?
De Ciantis, Kathryn Deborah Tregunno Patients as Partners: the Development of a Multidisciplinary Patient Safety Education Program
Di Trani, Wendy Deborah Tregunno Finding meaning for nurses in the implementation of benchmarking in the perioperative setting
Dodman, Denise Anne Deborah Tregunno An Exploration of the Role of the RN and RPN in Facilitating uptake of Evidence through Ontario's Provincially Sponsored Nurse Fellowship Programs
Dumchin, Mark Mina Singh Redefining the future of perioperative nursing education: A conceptual framework
Dunn, Christine Patricia Bradley An Awareness Strategy to Promote a Culture of Regard
Dupuis, Rebecca Adeline Falk-Rafael The Realities and Possibilities of Advanced Public Health Nursing Practice
Ellis, Elena Patricia Bradley Internationally Educated Nurses and Communication: Knowing the Trends, Examing the Challenges and Bridging the Gap
Ernst, Kambria A. Deborah Tregunno Leveraging a Hidden Asset: Second Degree Graduates
Evans, Keira Beryl Pilkington Changing Models of Nursing Care
Gary, Barb Deborah Tregunno Leadership to Promote Professional Nursing Practice in a Regional Dialysis Program
Gayle-Thompson, Elaine Deborah Tregunno "Are we there yet". Internationally Educated Nurses: Are Nursing Leaders Ready?
Gibson, Mary Ann Beryl Pilkington Caring theory and relational ethics: a means to understanding the discourse in nursing practice
Goddard, David Deborah Tregunno Assessment and Evaluation of Nursing Care Models: the Impacts on Safe, Patient-Centered Nursing Care Models
Godfrey, Venessa S. Beryl Pilkington A Mentorship and Preceptorship Education Model for Hemodialysis
Gunn, Clint Deborah Tregunno Interprofessional Practice: Maximizing Capacity for Collaboration
Hagerman, Lisa-Anne Alix McGregor Graduate Baccalaureate Nurses: The Lived Experience Of Learning To Think Critically
Hill, Laura Beryl Pilkington Evidence Based Practice in Nursing: Barries abd Facilitators to the Use of Evidence Based Practice in Large, Teaching Hospitals Compared to a Small, Rural Hospital
Hilton, Susan Deborah Tregunno The impact of simulation on the development of critical thinking skills of RPN-to-BScN students
Innocent, Judeline Rosalina Chiovitti An Analysis of Chiovitti's Theory of Protective Empowering and its Relevance to Forensic Nursing within the Correctional Nursing Literature
Jennings, Lori Isolde Daiski Nurse-to-Nurse Relationships Admist Health Care and Educational Restructuring: A Historical Perspective
Joseph, Philicia Mina Singh Fostering Fatherhood through Critical Consciousness: A Health Promotion Model of Health and Parental Education for Fathers
Kelly, Helen M. Gail Mitchell Shifting the Knowledge Culture in Health Care Settings: Nursing Knowledge as Inquiry
Kozlowski, Nancy Patricia Bradley Clinical Faculty 'Way of Being' most Desired by Nursing Students in Clinical Nuirsing Education: A Research based Metasynthesis
Laranjo, Humberto Sue Coffey New Graduate Nurses Lived Experience in Emergency Department
Lougas, Marion Diane Duff An International Partnership: Improving Health Care through continuing Nursing Education in the Dominican Republic
Michalejko-Earle, Julie Rose Steele Advancing Understanding of Geriatric Nursing Practice
Mohamed Morgan, Sharisa Gail Mitchell Quality of Life for Single Mothers With a Child Diagnosed with Autism
Muir, Olga Deborah Tregunno Bridging the Communication Gap: A Patient Safety Initiative
Nguyen, Melanie Nancy Johnston Promoting Resilience: A Community Health Center Approach Interpretation Of Stories, Disclosure Of Meaning And Dissemination
Nikaiin, Behi Beryl Pilkington Developing community/hospital programs to support breastfeeding during the first year post partum
Nilsen-Berec, Julie Patricia Bradley Contribution of Rogerian Nursing Science to Simulation in Nursing Education
Okazaki, Andrea Gail M. Lindsay From 4 to 2 to 1: Reconstructing My Lived Experience of Leading from the Middle in Times of Change and Transition
Opthof, Heather Beryl Pilkington Living With Changing Expectations: A Review Of The Experiences Of New Graduate Nurses Using Parse's Theory As Framework
Os, Mary Anne Van Diane Duff Round Peg in a Square Hole: Reflections of a Canadian Nurse in a Physician's Obstetrical Development Work in Guyana
O'Shaughnessy, Erin Rose Steele A Developmental Approach to Interventions for Cancer-Related Fatigue in Children and Adolescents
Panesar, Yad Isolde Daiski Comparison of Three Teaching and Learning Models for Clinical Nursing Education
Piottaway, Kim Gail Mitchell Illuminating Evidence-Based Practive: An Integrative Review
Rashleigh, Laura Christine Jonas-Simpson The Phenomenon Of Suffering In Oncology Nursing: An Arts-Informed Inquiry Of Margaret Edson’s Play Wit
Reguindin, Jennifer Gail Mitchell Transformational leadership in the home health care setting
Remington, John Nancy Johnston Feeling Disconnected: The Experience of Staff Nurses in Relation to Their Clinical Nursing Support Staff
Richardson, Elizabeth Janet Jeffrey The Effect of Patients' Selection of Dialysis Modality on Their Quality of Life
Ridding, Amanda Elsabeth Jensen Empathy through Understanding the Impact of Intimate Partner Violence in the Lives of Women
Rutherford, Andrea Deborah Tregunno Family Involvement in Patient Care: The Influence of Health Law on Mental Health Nursing Practice
Sackeyfio, Mary Deborah Tregunno Disclosure Guidelines: the Forgotten Participants
Sanchez, Saverina Rose Steele Revitalizing and Sustaining a Caring Workplace through Nursing Theory
Schembri, Kimberly A. Minawatie D. Singh Nursing Resource Teams: an Exploration of Their History, Use and Possibilities
Schneider, Monica Rose Steele Differences on Psychosocial Outcomes Between Male and Female Caregivers of Children with Life-Limiting Illnesses
Sherman, Donna Gail Mitchell Exploring the concept of resistence
Sinclair, Dionne Mina Singh The Effects of the Global Shortage of Practicing Nurses and International Nurse Migration on Global Health
Skelly, Cailin Nancy Johnston The Lived Experience of Getting Through a Difficult Time: An Indepth Look at the Concepts of Resilience and Hardiness
Sosoo, Enyonam Isolde Daiski Transition from Student to Working Graduate Nurse: Issues and ways to Improve the Experience
Stewart, Jean-Marie Nancy Johnston Narrative Approaches to Learning: Can They Lead to Transformative Learning?
Surphlis Foks, Catherine Nancy Johnston Enabling Optimal Well-being for Persons with Learning Disabilities Receiving Social Assistance: A Review of the Literature
Vasily, Susan E. Gail Mitchell The Relational Narrative: Implications of Gadow's Ethical Framework for Advance Nursing Practive in Pain Management
Vicente, Melanie Janet Jeffrey The Influence of Educational Setting on Self-esteem of Young Women: An Inventory of Knowledge
Viscomi, Paula Janet Jeffrey Development Of Clinical Practice Guidelines For Patient Management Of Blood Pressure Instability In Multiple System Atrophy
Vuksic, Olja Adeline Falk-Rafael Parents Experince of Stigma Associated with Mental Illness
Ward, Tia Janet Jeffrey Development of Clinical Practice Guideline for Neonatal Pain Management
Whitehead, Meredith Deborah Tregunno Creating Communities of Practice with new Graduates in the Emergency Department
Wolfe, Claudine Beryl Pilkington Innovation in Health Human Resources: Mentorship as One Viable Strategy in Long Term Care
Wolfe, Fran Diane Duff Exploring Readiness in Telehomecare with the North York General Hospital and community
Woods, Andria Patricia Bradley Engaging Novice Clinical Faculty through Discussion of Their Common Struggles